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what’s your favourite grace video?

or suggest some quotes?

  1. monckey4 answered: Anything from my hazing, man. “Man, key, four four?” “I’m uncomfortable” that’s pretty much it really
  2. barnesie32 answered: I love the 4 step plan from ‘How To Make Your Videos Epic’, as well as some of the great ideas from ‘Things To Do Over The Summer’ :)
  3. mew1 answered: "Mamorie you don’t have health insurance."
  4. camsterr answered: Grace’s review of the royal wedding is my all time favorite!
  5. gradlifethrugifs answered: Her wedding favorites. I just love how she keeps saying “ouch” while doing her hair/makeup.
  6. wereartists answered: GRACE MEETS THE LOVE OF HER LIFE & TAKE CARE OF YOUR PUSSY (i love this blog thank you)
  7. julybelle answered: Victoria as a secret…in her butt is just chock full of amazing quotes
  8. justascendalready answered: the macaroon video. The. Best.
  9. mandycauncex answered: what’s sexier than exercise? sexercise!
  10. whatyoucantcontrol answered: 101 ways to be sexy
  11. vizualkillah answered: All of her cooking videos asdfcsjdjafjsd
  12. frenchsocialism answered: "I like yo style" "Being a girl is a constant struggle" skrillex, anything from 200 things the internet taught me
  13. dolphin-shoals answered: i scream, you scream, we all scream cause there’s a ghost in our house!!! and I love the video where she impersonated britney xD
  14. saengking answered: The “WHAT THE F*CK ARE MACAROONS?!” contains a lot of quotable gems in my opinion. That and maybe some of the Grace n’ Michelle game episodes
  15. roguerian answered: "I read some jesus, i light a candle and then i blow it out, i sniff some peanut butter, and then i got to sleep" GraceNMichelle
  16. sighmona answered: playing with myself. hands down favorite.
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